End of government scheme could cost Liverpool homeowners

Wed, October 24th, 2018

Homeowners in Liverpool are at risk of throwing away a combined £420 million

Homeowners in Liverpool are at risk of throwing away a combined £420 million* over the next 20 years if they miss the cut-off date for a soon-to-be-axed government energy scheme.

Earlier this year, the government announced that it will be closing the feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme for solar panels installed after March 2019.

The scheme currently pays each household for the energy they produce, as well as any surplus energy that is exported to the local power grid. House owners will also benefit from using the energy they produce, which massively reduces the energy they need to buy from the power grid.

The scheme will not be replaced by an alternative, which means that anyone who installs solar panels after this cut-off date will not receive any financial incentives for doing so.

Liverpool-based business owner, Tony Edwards, who is managing director of NES Roofing and Energy – a company that installs and maintains solar panels on a number of residential and commercial properties in the North West – is encouraging as many households as possible to consider installing solar panels on their homes before the March 2019 cut-off date.

Tony Edwards, managing director at NES Roofing and Energy, said:

“If homeowners in Liverpool installed solar panels on their home before this cut-off date, they would save a combined total of £420 million over the next 20 years, which is how long the financial incentive lasts.

“This is an excellent time to consider installing solar panels. The technology has improved considerably, and it is now a straightforward and cost-effective job, with the average cost of installing panels also decreasing significantly over the past few years.

“It’s unlikely that we will see another government incentive like this for solar energy again, which is a great shame as it has helped over 800,000 households power their home in an environmentally friendly way. When the scheme ends, we will also be left in a situation where households which install solar panels will be exporting any surplus energy to the national grid but not receiving any financial compensation for it, which only serves to increase the profits of private energy firms.”

For further information about the feed-in tariff, visit www.gov.uk/feed-in-tariffs. If you are based in the North West and are interested in installing solar panels before the end of this scheme, contact the team at NES Roofing and Energy by visiting www.nesroofingandenergy.co.uk.

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