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Fri, October 12th, 2018

Sell Your Radiator Space...

More and more businesses are looking for that one great opportunity to get the word out about their services, and they often aim to think outside the box when it comes to catching the eye of potential customers. For this reason, Radwraps are proud to be able to help through their Radverts covers that deliver an unorthodox yet highly-effective method of increasing awareness.

Radverts take the existing Radwraps business model of having eye-catching magnetic radiator covers, which also reduce energy consumption compared to wooden covers, and move things to the next level. Radwraps have found tremendous success with their covers being used to display a heart-warming photograph, blend in with surroundings or simply give off a colourful design. But now, the new focus on Radverts will allow companies to take full advantage and to have an advertisement in a place where visitors or residents may not normally be looking.

You can have anything from an introduction to your business, to a particular service, to a special offer, to information and guidance, to a success story or a special achievement. The possibilities are endless; by having the adverts appear across radiators, you have a lot of space to say your piece, and you can include all forms of contact details, such as a telephone number, a website and social media links. The more tech-savvy businessmen and women may even include a QR code to further catch the interest of the smartphone generation!

But it isn't just about promoting your company. Indeed, you also have the opportunity to sell your radiator space for use by other organisations, ideally those in a related sector (so, for example, a shopping centre may have a Radvert for a restaurant). You can take your bland radiators, which serve a purpose but do little else, and transform them into a real revenue source, especially if you have a large work environment allowing for multiple Radverts to appear for various businesses. What's more, you could even divide up your radiator space so that several companies appear on one image, further generating revenue and positioning you as an innovative, forward-thinking leader within your particular market.

You should ask yourself: do you or your business have one or more radiators in areas of public traffic, which could potentially be seen by many people? If the answer is yes, then we can help you to sell your radiator space and ultimately make money for you, or alternatively you can use the radiator to promote your own services, thus boosting your awareness amongst possible clients even further. Don't let them go to waste; the lifeless, almost hidden radiators can become a source of real income for advertisers, and we can help you to achieve this. All that we would require are your radiator sizes and your location, then from there we will contact you about having a free visit to your site, and we will handle the rest from there!

To find out more about Radverts, and about Radwraps as a whole, you can contact James Maddocks by calling 01704 567083, or by emailing james@radwraps.co.uk, or you can visit www.radwraps.co.uk.

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