SP Energy Networks offers Liverpool residents storm advice

Tue, September 18th, 2018

SP Energy Networks offers residents advice on staying safe during Storm Helene

With the Met Office forecasting winds of up to 70mph and issuing a yellow weather warning ahead of Storm Helene hitting the UK, electricity distributor SP Energy Networks has issued power cut safety advice for Liverpool residents.

Although power cuts are a rare event for most people, SP Energy Networks is encouraging people to prepare for the unlikely event of power loss.

Stephen Stewart, SP Energy Networks’ Distribution Director, gives his advice on what Liverpool residents should do in the event of a power cut, as well as his top tips on preparing for an emergency power situation:

“Even though power cuts are rare events for most people, during times of high winds they become more likely, making it important for everybody to be prepared. We have a team of engineers on hand 24/7 who will fix any power outages but the sooner we know about it the quicker it can be resolved. You can report any power cuts to us by calling the new national emergency helpline 105 or SP Energy Networks emergency helpline 0800 001 5400.”

Stephen’s top tips for being prepared in the event of a power outage are:

  • Have the new national 105 power cut helpline or the SP Energy Networks emergency helpline 0800 001 5400 number close to hand - it’s best to keep this on the fridge or saved in the contacts on your mobile phone. If you need to contact us, you have the number there and we can help you as soon as possible.
  • Store a battery powered torch – leave this somewhere you can access easily so that you can use the torch to check on the fuse box and make your way around the house safely.
  • Keep your mobile charged – having your mobile phone charged means that you can call immediately. Alternatively, if your mobile is out of signal, it’s worth having an analogue telephone as this doesn’t run off the main electricity supply.
  • Avoid excessively opening your fridge or freezer – your fridge and freezer should remain cold for a considerable amount of time when your power is off. However, it’s best to minimise the number of times you open the door.
  • Unplug powered equipment – make sure you unplug electrical appliances such as your TV, laptop, heaters, electric fires and cookers as you may forget about them when power is restored.
  • Join the Priority Services Register – if electricity is crucial to your health (for example, if you use medical equipment at home) or you have a child aged five or under, ask to be included on our Priority Services Register by calling 0330 1010 167. If your power is off, we can make sure you are supported.

For more information on what to do in the event of a power emergency, visit spenergynetworks.co.uk. In the event of a power cut call the 105 emergency helpline or the SP Energy Networks 0800 001 5400 helpline to report the problem and receive help as soon as possible.

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